von Ampang nch Rüsselsheim

By: sempai chung in action

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Tuesday, 5-Jun-2007 20:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark


Dalam kebusyan aku dengan finyal year projects sempat lagik megupload gambaq..melepas gian haha.....

gamabq nih masa hujan last week. nak jalan2 time hujan xleh..last2 amek gambaq dlm hujan...

credit to she for this photos.

check out also my flickr HERE

Saturday, 2-Jun-2007 21:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I'm back!!


Setelah sekian lama menyepi dr dunia fotopages nih aku kembali.
been so busy lately with my final year projects...another two months to go...congrats to matt after finishing his final year project...counting days to go back to malaysia. ANd for the other rheimers all the best for the upcoming exams...strive for the best... and keep with you the rheimers spirit... bak kata matt- "kalau time main main sungguh2..kalau time study...study sungguh2.."...itulah kata2 sempai yg dah abis insyaAllah another 2 Dipl. Ing Rheimers menyusul nanti...

ishh kejap jer rase 5 tahun kat sinih...mmg tak rase apa...dah nak balik dah... byk kenangan pahit manis kat sini...lagi2 bg kami 3 org..membuka kawasan baru kat rüsselsheim nih buat budak2 malaysia yang lain...ceewaah...

apa2 pun all da best to all Rheimers.......


Wednesday, 2-May-2007 20:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
kiddiess in IStanbul


here are pictures and the kiddies in istanbul....these kids keep saying konichiwa to us when they saw us haha they tought me and my friends are japanese...

this kids also keep asking me to take their pictures...there are lotsss of themm....haha

nilah ride paling kewl aku penah naik..73meter high..tarikan 4G.... rase nak tercabut jantung haha
SILVER STAR!! the highest roller coaster in Europe...best tak terkata....

Wednesday, 25-Apr-2007 21:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Aya sophia of Istanbul


Once a CHurch turn to a mosque and now a Museum

ClickHere for more pics at ISTANBUL

Sunday, 22-Apr-2007 21:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ouh it is another trip again..Istanbul


This was my last trip outside Germany..and that was last March..after the trip to the UK.

Istanbul..mmg menarik..salah satu dari tempat yang patut dilawati. Many interesting places to visit there..compared to BAth..haha...

To see More on ISTANBUL check out MY FLICKR

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