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Sunday, 31-Aug-2008 18:23 Email | Share | Bookmark
Weekend at Matt's Place

Semlm hangout kat umah matt. Matt ajak makan steamboat kat umah dia. Memang setimbunn haa makananan, dr chocs cake to watermelon and the main thing is the steamboat. haish preparation tuk Ramadhan ka nih. Lepas pelahap macam boya, aku dengan dak2 nih pun tidoq lah umah matt. Malam tu layan Karoake sepam. haish nih lah xtvt dak2 nih bila hangout malam2 gini.

Oklah aku pun xnak citer panjang-panjang. Dah malam 1 Ramadhan dah nih. Mari sama-sama kita mengimarahkan mesjid, bykkan ibadah2 sunat di bulan Ramadhan nih insyaAllah.

To All: Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan dan jangan lupa banyakkanlah ibadah di bulan yg mulia ini. Till the next entry.

p/s: Meh dgr ceramah nih:
Pengisian Ramadhan Bhg. 1
Pengisian Ramadhan Bhg. 2

What Is Your Objective in Ramadan?
With Fasting

Let your objective this Ramadan be that you abstain from all that is prohibited for you by Allah. So do not cheat or lie or backbite or usurp others’ properties or gaze at what Allah has prohibited (the opposite sex). It is well-known that fasting is of three degrees:

Abstaining from food, drink, and intimate intercourse.

Keeping your ears, eyes, tongue, hands, and feet, and all other bodily organs free from sins.

Avoiding occupying your heart with unworthy concerns and worldly thoughts, and upholding nothing in your heart but Allah the Almighty.

So, what holds you back from drawing nearer to Allah and being one of those very few people who observe fasting of that third and special degree?

With Standing in the Night in Prayer

Have an objective this Ramadan to perform a minimum of eight rak`ahs in Prayer after `Isha’ and before Fajr in addition to Shaf` and Witr. Do not let anything prevent you from performing these precious rak`ahs every night in Ramadan. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said the following:

It is highly recommended for you to observe Qiyam al-Layl (Night Prayer), for it was the practice of your righteous predecessors. Qiyam al-Layl brings you closer to your Lord, atones for your sins, drives disease from your body, and stops transgression. (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

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